We got some video of Yummy Circus running on the OUYA. It will be an OUYA exclusive for awhile before they launch to other platforms. Pretty addicting game, to be honest. After losing a few times I was demanding rematche and wanting to pummel the two game creators and Chris Chavez lol. Unfortunately I never won, but I"ll buy it an master it once it launches for OUYA!

Some other interesting tidbits about the game and OUYA in general:
  • Full HD at 60FPS
  • Supports 4 players locally
  • Supports 12 players in online mode
  • Supports PS3 controllers, XBOX360 controllers, and others
  • The developer is also bringing Renault Trucks Racing to OUYA
  • Developer got a USB steering wheel controller working with the Renault Racing game!
  • Yummy Circus should be $3 to $6 at launch... they haven't decided yet.

Renault is also one of their clients and they're bringing Renault Truck Racing, an Android Game currently on the Play Store, to OUYA as well. A really quick demo:

Wanted to share with my friends at OUYABoards first!